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Cuisinart 11 Cup Food Processor

ReviewA perfective gift for new homemakers, the feed processor has become an integral share of progressed cooking, speeding up a multitude of processes, including kneading dough; slicing; chopping; shredding cheese, vegetables, and meat; mincing garlic and parsley; mixing batters; and emulsifying mayonnaise. Cuisinart’s Pro Custom comes with an 11-cup work bowl; five basic affixations for slicing, shredding, chopping, mixing, and kneading; and likewise features two feed-tube options, one big sufficient to handle a whole potato. This processor comes with a compact cover for use when the feed tube isn’t necessitated and a pulse control that allows the desired degree of fineness when chopping and puréeing. Remove the detachable stem for compact storage of discs. All the elements are dishwasher-safe and the motor base wipes clean. In addition, a custom-contoured spatula, a 50-page recipe booklet, and a 30-minute video designed to acquaint the new owner with the care and use of the feed processor are included. –Victoria Jenkins

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1Cuisinart DLC-8S is Shoddy Shadow of former Cuisinarts
By A
My 1987 DLC-7 is my 3rd Cuisinart. It has had each and everyday use and is worn and has a little problem. I ordered the DLC-8s only to find it cannot compare to my old machine even in it’s state of modern age and I am returning it. For example the cord is short and light weight. The bowl is genuinely smaller…11 cups is in truth an exaggeration. The motor is 5.2 amps equated with the 6 amps of the DLC-7 and the DLC-8S is lighter. The settling flaw nevertheless is the poorly designed switching arms on the feed tube. They are flimsy and an accident begging to happen. I am going to have my old machine repaired and look at the Kitchen Aid processors. Very sad to lose an great product.

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2Sad end to a noble name
By Joanna Daneman
Cuisinart is practically synonymous with feed processor. When the French were constructing them years ago, you couldn’t touch another blender, processor or kitchen appliance that would do more. But the manufacturer changed, and so did the Cuisinart.

My cuisinart bowl cracked at the base. To their credit, they did replace the bowls. Now the knives, the most critical part of the feed processor, are no longer the same.

In addition, if you do heavy breads (we like to do rye) you will find that the stem may overheat and the bowl may stick on it for a bit (until you figure out how to get it off, not easy, let me tell you.) I once even had the plastic dough blade stick onto the stem.

The bowl isn’t so easy to clean, either. I give it three stars because it still slices and dices with the greatest skill, but overall, I would not buy one again. Sad….

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2This is not the Cuisinart you employed to know!
By Wiley
Times have changed and so has the parent company that sells and services your feed processor. The quality of materials and workmanship have gone downhill too!

My experience with the corporate machine was horrible. Days of long waits to talk to a client service rep…never remunerated off. Each time I called I was finally forwarded to a recorded message that explained that they were too busy and that I necessitated to leave my name and phone number. I never did get a call-back. Finally, after various attempts, I was capable to get past the firstborn phone queue and genuinely talked to a live person who took the data with regards to the condition of all the clear plastic parts on the processor. They were all gravely cracked and were not far from flying apart. It seems they knew of the problem and offered to replace the constituents on warranty. All I had to do was give them a credit card number to charge the shipping to. AND, not one thing would occur UNTIL I sent the old pieces back…again at MY expense.

I sent the elements back promptly, but they didn’t ship for another two weeks. And, here is the spotlight of the episode… The lid they sent was the faulty one. Another round of phone calls yielded a person that said that Cuisinart had not processed the substitute yet…a full two weeks after they were notified. I still have not received the lid and the processor is useless without it.

BEWARE! This company tries to trade their merchandise in the top-end of the price range, but their corporate client service system is as bad as it gets…at any price. You may do yourself a favor and shop for another brand. I’m looking at KitchenAid. Shucks, it can’t be any worse…and MAY be a much better experience over the long run.

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