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Cuisinart Food Processor 4 Cup

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By Canthespam
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I have a more spectacular Cuisinart that sits on the shelf for months at a time and a 2 cup Black and Decker mini processor, which is just way too small, but I applied it for years anyway. I had seen this model on a lot of TV cooking shows, but had no idea what size or brand it was. Now I am recognizing my model in use closely everyday.

I lately came throughout this 4 cup Cuisinart, rather by accident, and I utterly love it. I have employed it more in the last few weeks that I applied the 2 cup in 6 months. It makes splendid bread crumbs, fresh and dried, and just the right amount of salsa or tapenade in seconds. Yes, it does pulverize onions, but I watch it very almost and since they are an ingredient, not served by themselves, they work out fine.

Four cups is a good size and it has a lot of power. It’s easy to use and clean.

*** In response to the review where the motor passed from physical life after only a few uses … this happened to me the third or fourth time that I employed it – it just stopped working. Fortunately my husband was standing there and while I was having a fit, he plainly pushed the long plastic thing into the base to make the connection. I hadn’t pushed it in all the way. No problem after that and I now make sure it is inserted properly.

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3Has it is uses, but not rather as versatile as I’d hoped
By MacNevin
The Cuisinart 4-Cup Mini Prep is great for simple light-weight jobs like making salad dressing and chopping onions, but when I use it with heavier foods (like cooked spinach) I may smell the motor burning. So to keep out of the way of motor burnout, I no longer use the Mini Prep to routine even little quantities of high-density foods – a use limitation I hadn’t anticipated.

Regarding capacity, keep in mind that though the total volume kept by the work bowl is 4 cups, you in truth can’t work in batches much over 2 cups (less for arid items). If you exceed the batch limit, you’ll end up with a result that is over processed on the bottom and untouched on the top. The user manual also advises that to keep out of the way of motor strain, the work bowl ought to never be filled more than two-thirds the way up the blade assemblage column. So in practice, the 4-cup work bowl translates to a best-case greatest or most complete or best possible of 2 cups end product.

I’d likewise like to point out that the motor casing for the Cuisinart Mini Prep listed here (model DLC-4CHB) is plastic with a faux stainless steel finish. When I purchased this product, I inferred from the item title that the casing was constructed of stainless steel. But if you look closely at the elaborated item description, you’ll see (as I came upon only after purchase!) that the construction is plastic made to look like stainless steel. And the plastic is gorgeous flimsy at that, so just be conscious of what you are buying.

Bottom line: Would I buy this Mini Prep again? Probably not. For my needs, I think I’d look for something sturdier and more versatile. Do I think the Mini Prep is a finish train wreck? No, I use it for what it’s worth at least 4 times a week and I be grateful for how easy it is to clean. The primary thing is to have a firm idea of how you want to use the Mini Prep prior to purchasing one. Want little batches of pesto, salsa or chopped onion? You’re good to go. Want to make smoothies or procedure heavy and dense foods? You’ll need to look for something with more outstanding capacity and a more inviolable motor.

One final note on a lesson I learned the hard way…if when using the Mini Prep you systematically end up with onions that are pureed not chopped or nuts that are pulverized to dust, try alternating pulses amid the Chop and Grind buttons. Alternating the two buttons moves the feed around the work bowl for a more even result.

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5Little powerhouse!
By MKonis
I was 21 years old, wandering the William Sonoma store, keeping my gift certificate from Dad. I was wholly lost. With little psychological result of perception learning and reasoning or direction I stumbled upon this little feed processor. Honestly, I think I purchased it because I thought it was “cute”. But I’m so glad I did! Now 6 years later this little baby still earns the honor of being a “counter-top” appliance. The Mini-prep has a sharp blade for quick and even chopping. It’s perfective for little batches of pesto or hummos. I use it to grate onion, carrot and cheese and to make a quick smoothie for one. It’s little and easy to clean, which I perfectly love. It gets far more use than my huge guy and after 6 years it works as well as the day I purchased it. A great buy!

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