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Cuisinart Original Food Processor

ReviewThe name Cuisinart is synonymous with feed processors and this 7-cup unit is the perfective size for each day feed prep for an intermediate family of four. This versatile appliance comes with two blades and two discs that carry out a assortment of kitchen tasks in a short time. The main stainless-steel blade chops or purées raw or cooked fruits and vegetables, meat, fish, cheese, and nuts. A switch on the motor base flips up for mincing or puréeing and flips down for the pulse option, which offers better control when chopping feed into larger chunks. The included plastic blade kneads up to two pounds of utterly textured bread, pastry, or pizza dough in less than two minutes. Other affixations include a slicer disc for slicing or julienning luncheon meats, cheeses, and respective vegetables, and a shredding disc for vegetables such as cabbage, carrots, or iceberg lettuce. Foods to be sliced or shredded are inserted through an extra-large plastic feed tube above the processor’s bowl and helped through with a pusher.

For convenience, the bowl, feed tube, and pusher are all dishwasher-safe, reducing cleanup as well as prep time. The sleek base gives this processor a commercial-kitchen look and it is weight and rubber feet make it immovable for the duration of use. This Cuisinart feed processor comes with a spatula and a colorful instruction and recipe book as well as a full five-year warranty on the motor. –Cristina Vaamonde

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5Paddle Switch Rules!
By Eee Tee
I use my Cuisinart mainly for chopping veggies or making my own ground beef. I may use more flavorful cuts than the leftover bits ordinarily made into ground beef and control the texture to my preference.

The Cuisinart 7 Cup performs outstanding for my needs. It’s both powerful and very quiet. Cheap proccessors with side mounted, belt driven motors are ordinarily so noisy that you don’t want to bother with them.

Others may disagree, but I find Cuisinart’s safety interlocks only a minor hassle. The little center feed tube isn’t interlocked and is utile for adding ingredients while processing.

I looked at other feed processors in stores before I purchased the Cuisinart, and found I prefer the ergonomic feel and control of the old-fashioned Cuisinart paddle switch. Whether it be the new Cuisinarts or KitchenAids, I don’t like to have to search around for the little sealed-dome lumps on innovative control panels. The firstborn time you use the Cuisinart up-for-on / down-for-pulse lever switch, it’s so easy and intuitive, you don’t have to look to use it ever again. I’ve never regretted my choice – I love the paddle!

When your fingers are wet or messy, you may press the lever down to pulse with a knuckle much more effortlessly than attempting to find the right tiny plastic bump on a typical control panel.

If you genuinely like membrane switches, the KitchenAid feed processors are good choices, too, but the Cuisinart classic paddle / lever switch is the trump card for me.

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5Safety features are NOT a problem
By Retired Prof
There are two reviews on this internetsite as well as a lot of on others claiming that the safety features on this model are a problem and/or that the feeder pusher can’t be got rid of without removing the entire top. My conclusion is that these humans must not have read the instructions, which I feel are clear as to how to remove the dual-pusher (which is the remarkable feature of this model vs. the DLC-5). I’m having no difficultnesses at all and think this is a outstanding product. The big dual-pusher feeding tube is a very utile feature.

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5Best feed processor I’ve ever had
By Kenneth K. Carrell
I always check Consumer Reports before I buy anything and they gave this machine it’s top rating. After using it for a while, I have to agree. It performs very well and the wide opening lets me chop huge pieces of vegtables without having to chop them up thin in order to get them into the chute. I can’t commend this processor highly enough.

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