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Ninja Food Processor

Sleek, fast, and multitalented, Euro-Pro’s Ninja Master Prep blender and feed processor may just aid you earn your black belt in the kitchen. Equipped with a 400-watt motor, an effective ergonomic power pod snaps onto either the 2-cup processor bowl or 48-ounce pitcher and features a big one-touch pulsing button for extreme control and consistent results. The four person Ninja blades handle any occupation from mincing onions to crushing ice, and wide, no-slip bases and a splashguard on the pitcher keep everything steady and clean. For added convenience, storage lids are included and all removable constituents are dishwasher-safe. Go forth and conquer, Home Chef-san.

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4Great gift for the gadget lover…
By A. Boston
Watch Video Here: This is my introductory video review, so here goes nothing! A couple of notes: I repeatedly said Ninja Master Pro, it’s Ninja Master Prep. I love it!! Something I did wrong in my video review that I just learned. When making ice based drinks, do the ice on it’s own first, then add your other ingredients. It makes the ice more like snow then baby ice chunks. As far as gadgets, this might intrique a non-cook into cooking.

So far, I’ve made hummus, chicken salad, cheese dip, ice cream, italian breadcrumbs and a few respective drinks. I hate processed breadcrumbs in the little cardboard cartons. I tossed those and now we make our own breadcrumbs in when it comes to 1 minute. So in truth no extra venture and it tastes so much better, plus I know precisely what is in it(herbs, bread, garlic, cheese)with no added chemicals or preservatives.

For those humans who rely on a feed processor as their main go-to item when cooking, this might not be your thing. But for humans like me, who tend to chop by hand while cooking for two and pull it out in regards to twice a year, it’s perfect. I likewise am not a huge blender user, altho this will get me to try new things, since it’s got 400 watts of power and seems like it may make just regarding anything. Lastly, dishwasher safe is a huge plus as well.

On those two websites amazon and the ninja official internetlocation specifically, I’ve seen it for sale with the ninja pod unit, a blender accessory and a 2 cup processor accessory. Some other places(wholesale clubs and a few tv buying goods networks) have it with 2 more added accessories, for the same price(or less!). It’s unquestionably worth poking around and finding the one that comes with 4 accessaries total.

Be kind to the ninja pod. Always use it in bursts and don’t hold it down. I’ve heard of other ninja owners stripping the gears by keeping it down attempting to use it like a traditionalisti blender. It’s not meant to be used that way.

No lie, I just made ice cream in when it comes to 2 minutes. I am shocked and amazed. I employed 1/2 and 1/2, white chocolate pudding mix(for flavor) and frozen strawberries with a few semi-sweet chocolate chips thrown in, which it totally shredded and integrated into it. If you have a sweet tooth, add a little powdered sugar. Seriously, it’s like purchased ice cream, but better. A-mazing.

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By B. Kerr
I’ve been putting this little blender through it’s paces the last couple of days, and I have to say, it passed with flying colors.
- Icecubes (even the pretty big ones)were not an issue, it blasted right through them and did in truth construct creamy/fluffy snow.
- Grinding nuts – awesome! I ofttimes use nuts in my baking and cooking, from genuinely coarsely chopped to fine nut flours. It did it all! A regular feed processor in general either can’t go beyond the coarse chunks, or has the unsuitable three-fold of nutbutter at the bottom, more or less coarsely chopped nuts inbetween and hardly touched nuts on top! I would commonly do little 1/4 cup batches in my coffee grinder, which a lot of shaking and sifting! Not anymore!
- Chopping veggies – performed beautifully. I added chunks of random veggies, they all came out nicely and finelooking evenly chopped – even leeks!
- Finely chopped a great deal of lemon and orange peel in there too, no problem! Very nice and even processing!
- Processed smoothies beautifully.
- Soups – splendid and creamy processing.
- Pastry dough and crumble toppings – did very well in the even distribution of the cold butter.

The mystery to this machine does notwithstanding seem to be the short pulsing actions. Letting it run for any length of time, doesn’t help much and is in fact counterproductive in this machine! Unless you’re going for pulp, then that’s what you want to do ;)

Right out of the box, it seems rather sturdy. Not indestructable, but gorgeous sturdy for a plastic feed processor.
All the elements seem to be coming isolated nicely, even the non slip rings come off, so clean up isn’t a problem! After use, gorgeous much everything rinsed off rather easily.
The lids do come in handy too!

The only cons I could find:
It’s easy to overload the containers (especially the little one) and then you don’t get the even processing – or you can’t fit the lid on in the right way anymore.
Lining up the lids and the machine may take a second or two. They don’t just go on any which way, you do need to line them up.

All in all it is so far the best performing feed processor/blender/smoothie maker I’ve used (I’ve used rather a few!) and is an splendid value for the money. Time will tell how it performs on durability!

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3Useful but not likely durable
By Nicola S. Pioppi
I purchased this item at Bed Bath and Beyond rather of the Cuisinart blender I had intended to buy. This blender is less expensive, but the next time I am in the market for a blender or a feed processor I think I would pick a dissimilar item. This seems to be one step up from those terrible Magic Bullets.
PRO: It comes with two dissimilar containers, one for “blending” and one for “processing”. You may blend two dissimilar things without requiring to clean the pitcher in between.
CON: there isn’t much divergence amid the feed processor share and the blender part, other than in size.
PRO: The blades detach for safe cleaning.
CON: The blades themselves are difficult to clean, and I have found that the plastic portion stains easily.
PRO: The motor share is light and and the whole thing stores easily. I keep the blades in a shoal drawer with my cookie cutters, the pitchers and lids with my tupperware, and the motor affixations lives inside my huge stock pot.
CON: The motor is not very powerful. It mixes things well sufficient if there is a great deal of liquid, but even after assorted mixes our smoothies end up with huge ice chunks. You also are not supposed to run the motor for more than two minutes straight, but even after with regards to thirty seconds the motor is very warm.

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